An Exploration of Religious Places in India

A land of faith, India, whose shelter dwells multiple religions in utmost harmony. The holy soil of the country will always keep you in touch with supreme power that lives in many forms. Spiritual air in the country carries dharma, karma, and mercy. Through the mountain, you might experience the divine presence that waits to greed your spiritually thirsty soul. Offering much more seeking knowledge spiritual India is rich in holy place, rituals, and traditions. There exits gurudwaras, temples, and monasteries in large number. Spirituality having upper hand in the country has converted many ordinary places into significant religious places. After Indian e-visa online, tourism has grown so as the frame of India. Let me take you through the religious side of India.

Golden Temple

One of the important places for Sikh pilgrimage Golden Temple located in Amritsar. Tourist visit to the golden temple to appreciate its architectural factors and rituals. Also, world books of record have stated this place as the most visited place in the world. A trip to Amritsar is never complete without visiting here. The best time to visit here is at the time of Vaisakhi, a Sikh festival which is celebrated in the second week of April. You may see many unique rituals during the day.

Vaishno Devi

Situated on the Trikuta Hills Jammu, from high in the mountains Vaishno Devi calls out devotes. One of the most important pilgrimages in India. An indescribable experience of the trek that takes you towards where the goddess presides over. Pervading divinity, lovely landscape and adventurous trek the journey in India that stays in your memory forever.

Sun Temple

Sun Temple- the masterpiece of Indian architecture with unwatchable spirituality. This place is in Konark Odisha which is an incredible masterpiece and massive in size. This unbelievable architecture that consists of 12 pairs of craved wheels, hall having the pyramidal roof and erotic scene that attracts thousands of art and travel lovers. As the number of people visiting has increased which has made Sun Temple on of the best religious place to visit in India.

Jagannath Temple

An important pilgrimage and one of the finest monuments located in Odisha. Lord Jagannath, Goddess Subhadra, and Balabhadra are the main idols presenting over the temple. This temple comes to life during the annual Rath Yatra. One of the real reflections of Indian culture, where many people come to worship.

Somnath Jyotirlinga

Feel the power of spirituality and make yourself devoted to this holy place located in Gujrat. The survivor of many attacks, this place has been a source of holiness for many Hindu pilgrims situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea. A place which calls out devotes from far and blesses them innumerable times.

Tirumala Venkateswara

Temple situated on the last hill of the Seshachalam range in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. This place is known for its architectural beauty. It attracts 60,000 pilgrims in a day which has made this place one of the most visited Hindu Temple in India. It is accomplished by many praises and hymns which gives a touch of unmatched spirituality. Another attraction of this temple is Laddoo Prasadam. You must attend puja, as it will surely take you in some pure world.

Hemkhund Sahib

Hemkhund Sahib adds charm to religious tour in India because it is situated in the most scenic location in the country. It is made in a pentagonal structure which is covered with snow. You may get stunned by seeing the devotion pilgrims show there in such adverse climatic condition. By seeing such a spiritual atmosphere, you might not able to stop yourself from staying a bit longer.


Churches in Goa are worth exploring after this, you will understand why Goa is added to one of the religious tourist places in India. This state is being ruled by Portuguese for a very long period. Amongst all the famous churches in Goa are Church of the Lady of Immaculate Conception, Basilica of Bom Jesus, and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi. Whether you are planning to visit Goa just for beaches or fun, your trip is incomplete without visiting churches in Goa.

Regardless of the places you visit India, your trip won’t be possible without an online visa application.