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If you are looking at this website it suggests that you are anticipating travelling to India in the near future, and are considering applying for the e-Tourist Visa. We have taken some of the stress out of the process, however, there are some things we can’t do, such as fill in the application form for you. In this article, we will go over some tips to help you.

Payment Safety

Your credit card data is exchanged solely with the bank’s server. This communication between your browser and the server is supported by a 128 bit SSL3 encryption – the safest standard for encrypted connections.

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About This Site

Indian e-Tourist Visa Online Agency adheres to the international rules of the Standard Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) adopted by the major credit card companies to protect all personal information. We do not store, sell or trade any client information unless it is needed to provide the service requested.


Take a Bit of Time and Care

Take some time to read the questions on the application form carefully and answer as fully, and accurately, as possible. Especially watch out for small errors. Whilst we will also check the form for you, there may be factual errors that we won’t know whether they are correct or not. Carefully review the information before submitting the form.

Are You Applying for The Right Type of Visa?

The e-Tourist Visa is only valid for a single entry of 30 days, if you intend to stay for longer than 30 days, or intend to visit India more than twice in a given year, you are not eligible for this Visa. Also, the visa is only intended for those who are holidaying, on a short medical trip, visiting friends or family or on casual business visits. It is not allowed for conferences, journalism and employment. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months on arrival in India.

References in India

You will need to provide details of a referee in India, someone who could verify the purpose of your trip. This could be either a member of your family or a friend, or simply your accommodation details. You also need to give details of a referee in the UK. It’s unlikely that the references will be checked, but you must complete this information as best you can.