The caste system in India

Something that visitors find striking about Indian society is the way in which the different levels of society relate to each other. To a greater or lesser extent, there is a division everywhere in the world among wealthy, powerful families and poor, unprivileged families, with a middle ground made up of business and professional people. … Read More The caste system in India

caste system

Shopping in India

Shopping in India I love to look around the markets and bazaars when I am on holiday. It gives me a real sense of the country I am visiting. When you have your e-Tourist Visa for India, why not plan ahead and think about the kind of things you could buy whilst you are there? … Read More Shopping in India

Indian Customs and Culture

Indian Customs and Culture With your e-Tourist Visa printed out and the packing done, it’s time to consider how things may differ in India. As with all countries, India has its own customs and traditions. Whilst Indians are very forgiving of foreigners who are not aware of their ways, it’s always a good idea to … Read More Indian Customs and Culture