Online Indian Visa Application process: An easy guide

Today, the visit made by the tourists from the United States to India have gone up significantly. There is no surprise that the cultural and traditional heritage luring the visitors to land on this very place and imbibe upon its offerings. While keeping a close eye on this growing trend, the Indian govt. has also taken salutary steps to promote its long-prevailed multicultural ethnicity. As we know, the Indian consulate has extended the visa grants to over 161 countries and the number is growing day by day. With such surge in the number of tourists, the demand for Indian Visas has also grown in the same proportion as well.

Now, by taking account of its, there are two types of Indian Visa are offered to the US citizens.

  • E-visa: You can avail it online and carries the validity for up to 60 days. It is applicable for tourism, business, medical treatment and more.
  • Paper Visa: If you visit speculated to go beyond the span of 60 days, you need this visa of this type. And you need to apply this at your nearest Indian Consulate.

As E-Visa appears to be the most convenient way of obtaining, its popularity is quite significant compared to other types. However, the easiest way of acquiring always comes a nudge ahead from the most complicated process working behind the scenes. People who are looking to apply for an Indian visa must visit  And the subsequent step would be to fulfill the required criteria or the documents needed for. Following are some of the key paperwork you need to furnish. If you are the holder of an American passport, you need to provide,

  • Scanned copy of the first and last copy of America
  • The passport size photograph in JPEG format with a white background.

Moreover, you need to furnish the passport details of your parents, detailed information about related to your spouse’s passport and work information in regard. Here, keeping the required document and photograph have to have in predefined size or format. There is a possibility of getting your Visa denial due to such irregularities.

When you get over with this part, the next step would be the beginning of the application process. Here, some cautious efforts must be taken to avoid the possibility of visa denial. From clearly defining the span of your stay to the purpose of your visit, everything has to be done in the right manner. Here, there is another aspect that must be taken into consideration. It is axiomatic that doing something in advance always benefit you. So, applying for e-visa in advance always comes with added benefits. But how long in advance should a US citizen apply for?

Citizens who are looking for a tourism visit, and the sole reason relies on that motive only, he/she must apply the e-visa 4 days prior to the date to the date of travel. And the duration of their travel should not exceed more than 60 days. The standard e-visa procedure usually takes 96 hours. As mentioned earlier, the advance approval of your application comes with many perks, still, you will have to dole out some extra bucks to get it done.

Indian Visa Application Online is the fast approaching solution for tourists in search of a visit to India. Hence, upon going for a visa application, you need to have the aforesaid information considered to have a greater benefit on your part.