Preparing for Your First Tour to India

For numerous travellers, visiting India is a dream come true. The incredible country has a lot of famous tourist destinations which won’t disappoint you, no matter the season when you visit them. But, to make your visit to India an unforgettable experience, there are a lot of things which you need to plan beforehand.

1. Get Your Indian Visa

If you aren’t a citizen of Nepal or Bhutan, having a visa for visiting India is a compulsion with no exceptions at all. Through the electronic visa, you can come to India for tourism, business, and medical purposes. Valid for sixty days, the Indian visa online is non-extendable and non-convertible to other types of visas. Obtaining the e-visa is quite easy as all you need are some documents and internet connectivity to complete the procedure.

2. Deciding the Time

Although a lot of people regard India as a hot, tropical country, the weather varies dramatically within the country. As the weather isn’t constant throughout the year, you should carefully choose the right time of the year according to the activities you plan to do in India. It is important because you cannot visit some places due to extreme weather conditions in some seasons of every year.

3. Places to Visit

If you haven’t decided where to go yet, you will have to take one of the most difficult decisions of your life as a traveller. When you will search for places you can visit in India, the internet will shower you with so many places and options, that searching more will lead you to more and more confusion. Not only this, the adventurous activities you would want to do in India would be available in a lot of places, all of them equally beautiful and worth visiting. It is true that you can’t visit all the places in a single tour, but with Delhi as a center, you can explore the golden deserts of Rajasthan, the world-famous icon of love, Taj Mahal, and a lot of other places. If you wish to see the majestic snow-covered mountains, you should aim to visit Kullu Manali or Uttarakhand. Before you decide on any destination, be sure to consult an expert first.

4. Shaping Your Overall Tour

Another tough decision, you have to decide between two options for knowing how your overall tour will be. The first option is trying to cover as many places as you can, in which you will have to beforehand book a lot of trains, buses, and flights. To get the most out of such a tour, you will have to sleep on short journeys, maintain your energy level despite the exhausting treks, and other adventure activities, while observing the beautiful country.

The schedules might be hectic for some people who don’t travel around much. For such people, selecting two or three destinations which are nearby each other is the correct option. By doing so, you will get the time to relax, chill, and absorb the Indian culture’s true essence.

5. Familiarizing with Indian Culture

To get a complete insight into the beautiful culture of India, you have to know a little about it first. So, take some time from your busy lives and read about it. You can also learn some simple terms in Hindi (The language used by most of the Indians) such as Namaste (To greet), Ha (Yes), Na (No), etc. If you don’t know already, you should also take a look into the cultural dresses that the Indians wear so that you don’t feel weird around them. Other than that, there are numerous dishes that you must try in your tour to India. Be it sweet, sour, bitter or salty dishes, you will see a completely new array of dishes in India. It would be good to already know about them so that you can easily avoid any confusion when you have to select from Indian cuisine. Apply today and get your Indian visa online by email!

Even though you will never forget your tour to India due to its uniqueness and amazing feeling, planning beforehand would make you more relaxed throughout the tour, and you can focus more on enjoying your awesome journey.