Things to Consider before Applying for an Indian Visa on Arrival

While considering a visit to India, the need of a Visa would be there. And you would be surprised to know how complicated the process can be. Getting an Indian Visa is not something walking in the park or furnish the documents and be in a hope that everything will sync together thereby getting you a visa. It has never been that easy. The key processes involved sometimes make travelers worrisome and render hapless. By considering these factors, thus, can be concluded that it can be a big hassle to an Indian Visa.

India is always known for its multicultural ethnicity and diverse landscapes luring travelers all around the world. Hence, the situation demanded the promotion of its tourism sector. Since the commencement of this initiative, it opened the gates for every foreign national to visit and imbibe upon its widely appreciated tradition and the endowment of such breath-taking natural and man-made creations. Before 2014, there were only 43 countries allowed with visa on arrival opportunity. By taking a close look at its growing popularity, the Indian govt. extended Visa-on-arrival or Indian tourist visa and other categories to many other countries. And the recent advancement in this field says a revamp in the span of maximum stay in India. For tourists belong to the US, UK, and Canada, a business visa is valid for 365 days and with a maximum stay of 180 days and 90 days stay is applicable in Indian tourist E-visa.

Now, if you are considering a visit to India in the near future, irrespective of the reasons, here are some the factors you need to keep in mind before applying for an Indian Visa.

  • Indian visa on arrival or E-tourist visa is applicable to the countries which come under one of those 167 member states prescribed by the Indian Govt. From the USA, UK, Australia, all European Union citizens and many other countries have the perks to make a visit to India. If you belong to these member states, you will surely avail the opportunity to tour this wonderful place.
  • Applying for an Indian Visa prior to arrival always be beneficial. Here, while applying online, the process should be initiated 4 days in advance of your arrival and a maximum of 365 days before your journey. The biggest advantage of doing it happens to be quick disposal of your visa approval process. Doing it at the eleventh hour of your journey runs with the risk of a denial, as any discrepancies found, there won’t be any time left on your part to reconcile those mistakes.
  • Some essentialities like a photograph with accurate dimension, return ticket & onward journey ticket, passport with six months validity, will be there. As these play a vital role in the visa approval process, such documents should be given top most priority.
  • Discussing aforesaid documents, the background of the photograph has to be with white background. While attaching it on the photo page of your passport, the photograph has to be clear enough. Otherwise, your application might get rejected.
  • Lastly, apply for your Indian Visa online right here, This is the easiest and most convenient platform for applying for an Indian Visa. If you are considering applying for an Indian tourist visa in the near future, jump into the application page of this website and it will guide you through the process.

In a nutshell, India has become the epicenter of tourism and the business hub of many conglomerates. And the commutation of travelers and business persons happen almost daily, thereby giving a boost to the Indian tourism sector and increase employment opportunities. As we are moving with a modernized world, where the trans-border movements are key considering the daily happenings in life, the Indian tourist visa application should be given due importance.