Indian Visa Requirements

You can apply for your Indian visa in person by pre-arranged appointment, by post, or, if your trip is for less than 365 days*, you can apply for an e-Tourist Visa online. To make the online process easier you can use an agency, such as ours, with its team of experts, to fast track your application. If an e-Tourist Visa is not suitable for your trip and you have to apply in person or by post route, what will you need to do?

Non-E-Tourist Visa Requirements

  1. Your Application Form– You must complete the visa application form online, (via the VFS Global website) print and sign it on both pages. The signature must match the signature on your passport and must remain inside the box provided. Make sure you print out an additional copy for your benefit.
  2. A Signed Declaration Form – Again, the signature on the declaration form should match the signatures on the application form and your passport.
  3. A Valid Passport– You will need to use your original passport, so if you are applying by post make sure you send it recorded or special delivery. You will also need to send or take, a photocopy of your signed passport page. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your arrival in India and have 2 blank page available for the entry stamps.
  4. 2 x Passport Photographs– Two 50mmx50mm (2’x2;) colour passport photographs are required. They should be headshots, with a light, plain background. No smiling, no sunglasses, no hats.
  5. Two Years’ Worth of Utility Bills as Proof of UK Address – if you don’t have these you can fill in a Non-UK Form.
  6. Visa Fees – please make sure you send or take, the correct visa application fees unless you are paying online.
  7. Application for Special Permit – this is only required if you intend to visit a restricted area such as the Andaman Islands.
  8. Employer Letter– If you are applying for an Employment Visa you must also submit a letter from your employer or sponsoring company, confirming your appointment and start date. The letter must be on letter headed paper, dated and signed
  9. For Student Visas – People applying for a student visa will need to provide an admissions letter from the establishment where they will be studying and a receipt for the fees paid. You will also need to show a Bonafide letter from the school and a signed Student Visa Undertaking Form

Other visa types may require additional documents and, as this can change regularly, please check before submitting an application. The Indian government has outsourced its visa application services to Online agencies such as

*other restrictions apply. Valid for up to 365 days and non-extendable. Suitable for holidays, medical procedures, informal business and visiting friends/family. This is a multiple entry visa.