Who is Eligible for an e-Tourist Visa?

To see if you are able to travel to India on an e-Tourist Visa, check whether you fit into the following categories:

  • You are a British National, or a passport holder from one of the 150 eligible countries, travelling to India for either a holiday, to visit friends or family, for a short medical stay or for informal business.
  • You hold a passport valid for at least six months.
  • You intend to stay for 365 days or less.
  • You have a return flight ticket or an onward ticket.
  • You have sufficient funds for the duration of your
  • You must make separate applications for each member of the party travelling together.

Not Eligible for an e-Tourist Visa

  • If you or your spouse, parents or grandparents were born in Pakistan or ever held Pakistani nationality they are not eligible for an e-Tourist Visa, even if you have renounced your Pakistani You must apply for a traditional visa.
  • If you intend to stay for 365+ days
  • If you are visiting India for employment, to study, for diplomatic reasons or any other reason not mentioned above.

The online visa application form must be submitted a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 240 days before your intended travel date. The applicant must use his/her Indian e-Tourist Visa within 365 days of the approval date or the visa will expire. Once issued, the e-Tourist Visa is valid for 365 days.